Instructions for Paper Presenters (Main Conference, Industry Track, and SRW)

We really look forward to your participation in NAACL!

The virtual conference site is already live. Please login to Underline, find your oral and poster sessions, and check that the title, author, abstract, as well as poster and video links are correct. If there are any errors, please let us know ASAP via this email:

Here are some last-minute details and reminders about how the individual sessions will be run.

Important: please watch the tutorial of the paper and poster presentation process (note: the video initially says it is only for poster training, but it actually covers the oral Zoom session too). The video is long, but please spend the time to at least watch enough to learn how to login into the zoom room and Gather.Town for your session, as described below. Please also take a look at the key instructions for all the conference roles in this web page.

The papers are grouped into 80-minute interactive sessions by subject area, with 5-6 papers per session. The list of sessions is available on this website (main conference, industry track, SRW) and also in the Underline site.

Each session will consist of two segments:

  • The first segment (approximately 50 minutes) will be held in a Zoom conference room and will consist of a brief oral pitch for each paper (5 min for long papers, 3 min for short papers), followed by a live Q&A (3 min per paper).

  • The second segment of each session will take place in Gather.Town and will have poster presentations for each paper.

For the oral pitches in the first segments, you can use any format you want (reduced set of slides, play a part of their video, or use their poster as a prop), but we expect most presenters will do a short talk with slides. Please be sure to join the Zoom session 10 minutes in advance so the coordinator can make you a co-host, you can double-check your screen share, and sync with the session chair on how you want to get time warnings (more details here). We will follow the order of presentation in the published schedule as much as possible, but we will not try to synchronize timing for papers across different sessions.

At the end of the first segment, everyone will move to Gather.Town for the poster session.

Contact: NAACL 2021 PC Co-chairs (Anna, Dilek, and Luke)