Mexican Cultural Events

We are organizing virtual Mexican cultural events at NAACL 2021, courtesy of Rocío Cerbón. The details are as follows:

Virtual Guided Tour

Join us on a guided virtual tour to the best places to visit, what to do and eat in Mexico’s capital city. We will go over to some of the most iconic and known places like the Historical Centre, Archeological Sites such as Teotihuacan and Templo Mayor. And in the south of the city, we will get to know touristic locations like Coyoacan and Xochimilco.

Date and Time: Jun 8, 3 pm PST

Linguistic Diversity of Mexico

This session will provide an overview of Mexico’s linguistic situation until 2020. We’ll go through the Mexican language’s diversity. We’ll learn about linguistic families, currently most spoken languages and more. At the beginning we will host a Kahoot about facts of Mexican languages, don’t miss it!

Date and Time: Jun 9, 6 am PST

These socials are only limited to NAACL attendees and details and zoom links will be available at the conference’s Underline portal.